YUKON RIVER - Carmacks to Dawson City

CarDawcoverThis book contains maps and all the historical information and current site information on the 402 kilometer (250 mile) section from Carmacks to Dawson City. It includes everything you need to know to paddle, float or motor down the river of gold through such immortal spots as Five Finger Rapids, Fort Selkirk and Dawson City. The infamous rapids at Five Fingers and Rink are easily run using proper channels and a degree of common sense.

The maps are at an approximate scale of 1:65,000 and include current and historic site names, details of all river impediments, geographic identifiers, possible campsite locations, and GPS coordinates on every page. This publication also includes a detailed description of the river itself, suggestions for equipment and a detailed bibliography for further reading for history buffs.


165 pages

Download the Yukon River - Carmacks to Dawson City sample map



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