When you are deciding on a river map book to purchase, always check to insure that the guide will cover your entire trip from access to egress. Some authors provide maps only as far as the end of an individual river, even though there is no means of exiting by road from that point. Our guides generally offer you a variety of choices for both access and egress where available.

All of our guides are 8 1/2" x 7" so will fit easily into a large Ziploc bag. They are bound on the top edge for ease of following the maps downstream by starting on the last map page of the book. If you order from our website, your books will come to you signed by the author.

All of our river maps are updated as often as possible. However, due to ice, wind and water erosion, rivers change frequently and sometimes drastically. Always be alert for potential hazards, plan ahead and think things through. Line or portage sections which you consider a major threat. Always scout ahead on foot if in doubt and if possible, avoid travelling at flood or very high water levels. Just the loss of important gear through capsizing may be life threatening. Discuss with your companions how to divide up equipment, and review your rescue procedures. Common sense must prevail and is often a wilderness river traveler's most valuable asset.

You can order BOOKS directly from our website. Check here to purchase GUIDE BOOKS, or here for the MAP BOOKS.

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