A FAMILY Partnership with Mike and Gillian Rourke:

Mike Rourke graduated from Lethbridge Community College in 1977 with a diploma in Renewable Resources and from the University of Alberta in 1988 with a Bachelor of Education degree. He lived in the Yukon for ten years and is now residing in central British Columbia. He has spent most summers for the past thirty-five years on the river systems of the North.

Mike has logged over 30,000 kilometers by kayak, canoe and riverboat on numerous waterways in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alaska and Northern B.C. Throughout these trips he has kept detailed journals and through the use of air photos and observation, he has made changes to existing maps. At the time this publication was created, there were few 1:50,000 maps available so the hours involved in creating these charts are staggering.

For many years he has done extensive reading and research on the North. These books are the result of those years of work. It is done as a service to the ever increasing number of river travelers who enjoy the Yukon wilderness.

Gillian Rourke  graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management - Fisheries & Wildlife. She works in Teslin, Yukon for the Teslin Tlingit Council as the Renewable Resources Coordinator. She began running rivers with her family in 1993 at the age of three. She has since logged approximately 10,000 kilometers by canoe or riverboat on rivers in the Yukon, Alaska and northern British Columbia. She began assisting her father, Mike, with the mapping in 2005 and is now utilizing her skills to uphold our goal of providing the most accurate, up to date maps on the market.

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