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 Rivers North Publications is a small, family operated publishing company based out of Prince George, B.C. Canada. The company was formed in 1983 with Jocelyn Rourke as Proprietor.  We published our first book that year with Mike combining his previous years of research and river travel experience to create the Yukon River: Marsh Lake, Yukon to Circle, Alaska. RNP has grown and evolved over the thirty plus years and continues to grow as the popularity of our guide books increases and suggestions from readers help to create a product that best fits the needs of river travelers.  Our daughter, Gillian, joined the company about twelve years ago and her years of river travel, as well as her educational background in Renewable Resources, are a great contribution to our product.

We are continually updating the maps, historical and general information. When we began producing maps, we combined the use of U.S. army air photos from the Second World War along with numerous river surveys to produce 1:50,000 scale maps before government topographic maps of that scale were available. Originally begun as a service to river travelers in the more remote locations, we have financed all of our publications personally using no government or corporate assistance nor any advertising in our products.

Please feel free to browse the site, read about each of our books, and view pictures from our trips.  Thank you and we hope you will continue to choose our products both for your safety and enjoyment when traveling the rivers of northern Canada.


Ray Goodwin, Great Britain

"Loved your guide books to the Yukon and the Big Salmon River.  Very accurate and a fantastic source of information for our trip we did in 2019."

Steve Turner, Kenai, Alaska

"I recently paddled from Eagle to Circle. I want you to know that your work, Yukon River, Dawson City to Circle helped tremendously.  Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your book! It was in front of me the entire trip which was successful in every way.  I had several choices of channels which were made correctly because of your mapping skills."

Hiran Beaubier, Chemainus, BC

"My wife and I and our daughter and her husband have just finished canoeing the Big Salmon River and made extensive and good use of the guide by Mike and Gillan Rourke. We found it an excellent guide with good and reliable information about the river, its conditions and camping sites. The historical and geographical data was a welcome bonus...  I would encourage anyone planning to do the Big Salmon to consult this guide."

Mike Macy and Lauri Adams, Anchorage, Alaska

"We’ve used both [Teslin and Yukon books] in the last year while rafting down to Carmacks and from Carmacks to Dawson.   Under the heading No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, thanks for putting these guides together.  An incredible amount of work, I’m sure.  Very helpful... Again, thanks for providing a wonderful service to travelers from all over the world."

Inga Aksamit

"Our favorite guidebooks are those written by Mike Rourke...  Inexplicably, his hand-drawn maps are more clear and easier to interpret than the aerial imagery included in other map sets.  He details almost every available campsite and log jam... on the river."

Mike and Ashley

"Yukon River (Marsh Lake-Dawson City by Mike Rourke).  The maps were to scale and very well detailed.  Potential campsites were marked and there was information on a few hikes adjacent to the river.  If you are only bringing one guide book, this is the one we recommend."

Bob and Barb Purney  


“ ... dedicated to Mike Rourke whose books and maps of many rivers in Canada's northwest have made our river travels safe, fun and educational."

Gord Allison

"I was amazed at the amount of historical research contained in them, both archival and on-the-ground...  I have not seen this much original Yukon River and Pelly River history published anywhere else, ...  The historical information is of value and interest to more than just river travellers."

Sports 'n Spokes

"For best guides available on Yukon canoe trips, contact Rivers North Publications."

Lee Mallott

I would like to say thank you so much for the detail on the Marsh Lakes to Carmacks river guide which enabled us to have a fantastic journey – it was AMAZING!

Carmen Gustafson

I'm a regular Yukon River Quest racer and this year I completed the Yukon 1000 all the way to the Dalton Highway Bridge. My role in navigating was analog...I flipped through the Rourke maps (until Circle) and was constantly raving to my partner about the detail and how incredibly helpful they were. The other thing they did was really situate us in the history of this great waterway. I will be recommending the Rourke maps to all future racers...they're helpful for navigation but more importantly are critical for the story of the river. Thank you for telling it. I think they are incredible pieces of art that deserve so much praise.

If you wish to order any of our publications, please visit the Book Store link at the top right hand side of the Home Page. Book store menu Our books are all available in two formats - Printed (shipped to you via Canada Post) or as Downloadable PDFs.  If you choose the download option, please read and adhere to the terms and conditions. 

We regret that we have had to raise our postage prices again as Canada Post has drastically increased their shipping prices recently.  Please consider the downloadable pdf options available to avoid this extra cost!


We ship using Canada Post.  If you want to order both printed books and E-books, please do them as a separate order.  If you do them as one order, our 'store' overrides the postage and assigns free shipping to the entire order.  As a small company, we can't afford to supply free shipping on the printed books.  If you do them as one order, we can follow up with an email to let you know how much the postage will be.  Thank you!!

If your shipping address is outside of Canada and you are ordering more than 3 books, please email for postage rates.

The books on the Yukon River are available as full Guide books (history, maps, the works!) or as Map books (just maps and river description).  People in larger groups may wish to purchase a combination of these two formats!

We have tried to make as many payment options as possible available to you.  You can place an order and then choose one of the following alternatives to complete your purchase:

1.  Send a cheque to Rivers North Publications, 7925 Pedscalny Road, Prince George, BC, Canada, V2N 6G1
2.  Phone 250-845-8740 and use Visa or Mastercard to make a payment    OR
3.  Use Paypal in our store.

Thank you!

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Please visit for wildfire updates.

There are many exciting events in the Yukon.  Begin the year following the gruelling Yukon Quest. The cousin to this event is the Yukon River Quest (see below)!

Although not in the Yukon, usually followed by all northeners is the legendary Iditarod sled dog race starting March 5, 2016:

You know you are obsessed with paddling when you have to partake in the winter months as well:!hard-water-canoe-races/c1nt1 The 21st Annual Yukon River Quest will take place from June 26th -30th, 2019. Registration is already at the 125 team limit. 

Stand up paddle boards now to be allowed in Yukon River Quest:

Another river race: the Yukon 1000 (Whitehorse to the Dalton Highway Bridge in Alaska), next race 2020:

We will post more activites here as they are planned and scheduled.

Safe CanoeingPaddling northern rivers 'safely' is up to you!  You are alone out there and need to be cautious.  Here are TEN tips to help maintain safety 'on the water' for your upcoming Yukon Canoe Trip.

  1. Plan your trip thoroughly and know where you are going, and; leave this information with someone responsible.  It is called a 'float plan'.
  2. When on the water, always wear your life jacket, always!
  3. Never paddle a river that is 'in flood' as it increases the dangers exponentially.  Rivers can rise rapidly after rain storms.  Stay in camp until it is safe to continue.
  4. Take a fully equipped first aid kit for the group and make sure you have your personal medication too.  Allergic reactions can be serious out there.
  5. Be 'bear aware', make noise with an air horn, take protection from attack such as a bear spray, and store food away from your sleeping area.
  6. Log jams and sweepers are one of the most dangerous features of northern rivers, always scout the blind corners by going ashore and peering around bend.
  7. Cold water combined with wind can be deadly, dress accordingly.  Keep your rain gear easily accessible and wear it as soon as the weather changes.
  8. Prepare for a trip by assessing your skills, take instruction if necessary, paddle within your skill level.  There are different skills for lakes and rivers.  Be prepared.
  9. Any lake can be dangerous when it's windy but large lakes such as Lake Laberge, Teslin Lake and Quiet Lake are extremely hazardous if the wind is up.  Stay off until you get a break in the weather.  No matter what the conditions, always stay along the shoreline.
  10. It is always safer to travel in groups and if possible, take a SPOT device or Satellite phone so you can call for help in an emergency.

There are other ways to ensure you have a safe and memorable trip.  Check the RCABC website on canoeing safety. Don't be a statistic.  And, most of all, enjoy your Yukon adventure!

We have been publishing our river guides since 1983 - that's a lot of years - which means we are "getting up there."  Wilderness enthusiasts, canoe rental companies, and book stores often ask us when we are going to put out new guides on different rivers.  We would like to be able to do that, but we just don't have available time.  A large part of that dilemma is due to the fact that we feel it is necessary to keep our maps up to date and this means that we spend our river time re-running the same rivers that are already published.  That's where YOU come in!!  When you purchase one of our guides and then paddle the river, it would be a huge help to us, and to anyone who purchases our map books, if you could make note of any significant changes or let us know if you discover any structures or remains of structures that we do not have in our books.  Due to their nature, rivers are constantly changing - cutting new channels, creating new bars, etc. - and if we had that information, it would only improve the products and make things safer for all river travelers.  In 35 years, we have only had a handful of people contact us with information or comments.  So, please take pictures, make notes and share with us - you will be given full credit for anything used in the books.  email us at Thank you!!

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